The Invention of the Wheel

after mastering agriculture and

livestock man gradually abandoned his

nomadic lifestyle in societies became

sedentary with the first permanent

settlements this cut with the nomadic

path became known as the Neolithic

Revolution some settlements kept

developing themselves and their

population began to grow in numbers this

new form of society began to divide

labour creating classes of experts in

certain activities and thus the division

of society in social classes was getting

clear trading with other settlements was

also more common some of these

settlements became trading posts which

boosted their growth and development

with the first cities now appearing

scholars claimed that the first cities

were born on the banks of the Tigris and

Euphrates rivers in Mesopotamia today’s

Iraq the cities of baroque and everdew

are considered to be the first cities

founded by men with that the first great

civilization today known as the

Sumerians was born the vast number of

products that were demanded by the

cities could turn into a logistical

bedlam but instead it stimulated the

mundane use of a new invention the wheel

it is likely that the invention of the

wheel derives from the observation of

trunks being rolled to move heavy cargo

the first wheels were massive and had

bumpy axles but those mechanisms were

perfected over the years the lubrication

of the axles and the invention of the

wheel with rims made them much more

efficient but the decisive factor was

the use of animal drag vehicles like

oxen donkeys and horses making wheels

even more popular

this new invention quickly

revolutionized the way man could

transport goods and people and the wheel

soon entered the battlefield chariots

were systematically used as combat

vehicle in ancient battles contrary to

popular belief the native people of the

Americas were already knowledgeable of

the wheel when the Europeans discovered

the new world however it was barely used

as Native Americans did not have access

to animals like the horse for instance

taking into consideration that

limitation these people opted for other

means that they considered more

efficient to transport their cargo the

impact of the wheels invention altered

many areas not only transportation the

wheel was also used in several other

mechanisms which would be crucial to the evolution of mankind